Thursday, February 1, 2007

East Texas Sports Network at Full Throttle!

Well the site is completely up now, message boards are humming along, and the news part of the site is up as well. I for one am extremely excited about this site and the possibilities that it brings! Just a quick note about a few of the things on the message board; voting for the All-ETXSN Team is now going on, voting will end on February 15th. The team will be released on Monday, February 19! Vote for the player at each position and at each superlative that you think best deserves the honor.

Feel free to post on the message boards about anything sports-related at all, or even if you don't like sports, which completely contradicts you being on the "East Texas SPORTS Network" site, you can post in the Non-Sports Forum.

Let's set our goal for membership in the forums right now at 100. Let's get to 100 by March 1st! The more people we get on the site, the more informative it is!

With that said, enjoy the site, and remember that you, the fan, make this site possible!

Jereme Hubbard

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Welcome to the East Texas Sports Network

Welcome everyone to the East Texas Sports Network and especially to the East Texas Sports Network Blog!

The East Texas Sports Network (ETXSN) will be your home for sports in the East Texas area, from way down South in Livingston, all the way north to Texarkana, and all points in between. Talk about any sport at any level in our Forums, and make sure and watch out for studio shows featuring Terry Bennett and Jereme Hubbard as well. ETXSN is here for you, the fans, and we hope that your visit to ETXSN results in a long-standing relationship between us, the staff, and you all who make this site possible, and makes what we do so fun!

Terry and Jereme both will have blogs that they will publish on a weekly basis more than likely, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. When ETXSN gets kicked off completely, you can expect to hear live game broadcasts, whether its football, volleyball, basketball, baseball or softball.

Thank you once again for visiting ETXSN, and we look forward to hearing from all of you!